HumiliationPOV - Princess Nikki Next - My Boyfriend Can Fuck Me All Day While You Work To Support Us

Added: 25-08-2016

You will never be able to please me like my boyfriend. You’ll never be able to wake up next to me. You’ll never be able to fuck me like my boyfriend does. So it’s a good thing that I rejected you when I did. However I know you want to please me and since you can’t please me sexually, at least you can do some things to make my life easier, better. In fact, I’m sure you’d love that. Anything to be a part of my life. You should sacrifice your life and everything you have for me and my boyfriend. You’ll be happy knowing I’m getting pleased by him. You should admire him, because he can please me in ways you never can.

And you can make our lives easier by paying for our bills and our dates. If you take care of us financially well that’s less time he has to work and more time he can be fucking me, pleasing me. And you want me to be pleased all the time, don’t you? He can be fucking me during the time you’re working to make us money. All of your money from now on is going to go to me and my boyfriend. He’s going to fuck me and I’m going to cum all over his dick while you sit in your office with a boner, knowing that you’ll never be enough.

I know you love to see me smile and he can make me smile. So since you’ll be working so he doesn’t have to, he can make me smile all the time. So in a way, you’ll be making me smile. Doesn’t that make you happy? I know this is turning you on. So go on, stroke that little boner for us.

Jerk it to the thought of being our cuck, to being our financial slave. Oh yea, I know just that thought is making it throb. Stroke it loser, stroke it as I tease you with my perfect hot young body that you’ll never have. You know that cumming as my cuck feels better to you than fucking does anyway. Cum for my beautiful body, for my beautiful smile, knowing that you’re going to be sacrificing everything for me and my happiness.

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