HumiliationPOV - Miss H - Sensual JOI Tease And Denial For Pantyhose Wearing Losers

Added: 23-01-2017

Hey loser, this is going to be a fun, sensual session. I want you to go put some pantyhose on, with no underwear or panties underneath, just bare. Now take your hand and start rubbing it around in circles over your cock, on top of the pantyhose. So you can feel how smooth and soft they are against your cock. You’ll love the sensation. Rub that little cock, feel the way the pantyhose feel against your skin and cock. Feel it get harder and harder while I tease you with my hot young body. Good boy. Now stick your hand down in your pantyhose and stroke it underneath your pantyhose. And while you do this, I’m going to tease and deny you a bit. Making you stop and start as I tease you with my sexy curves. Now stop and take your hands out. Run your hands all over your legs, feel how sensual it feels, how much it turns you on. How good the nylons feel against your skin. You feel that? You love it, don’t you loser?Now rub your little dick again making circles over your pantyhose. Yea that feels good. I know you can’t stop, it feels too good against your pantyhose. Makes you feel weak, doesn’t it loser? Your cock is probably throbbing by now, I’ll bet you want to stroke it. You’re such a loser, at home with your pantyhose on, rubbing your dick, hoping I’ll let you stroke it. Next we’re going to do a little jerking tease and denial. I’m going to make you stroke and stop, stroke and stop. LOL, I love driving you crazy all while you’re wearing pantyhose! Good boy, now start rubbing again while I make one thing clear.. You are Not allowed to cum. If you feel yourself getting close, I want you to back off. I think it’s more humiliating to not let you cum after I fuck with you. I love bossing you around, making you do things, humiliating you for being at home, alone in your pantyhose. And then denying you is the ultimate fuck you! You’re such a loser. So fucking pathetic. Must be so hard being denied after I teased your cock in pantyhose. Losers who wear pantyhose don’t deserve to cum. You don’t get to cum like real men do because real men don’t wear pantyhose.

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