Miss London Lix - Really Into Miss London Lix

Added: 11-01-2016

London Lix is your crazy hot roommate. You found out about a year ago that she makes this femdom porn but, too shy to make advances because you feel she is out of your league, started purchasing her clips & ordering custom content instead. You’ve developed quite the addiction to her, jerking off to her smut when she’s in the next room, leaving her unaware of your lust.
I enter the room & find you with my iPad; no big deal, I let you borrow it all the time. But…oh my god! You’re watching ME! You know I’m London Lix? You’ve known for ages? Wow! If I’d have known, you and I could have been having so much more fun. You couldn’t tell I have a bit of a crush on you?! I don’t care that you stroke it to my clips…I know you’re not like those jerkaholic losers. You’re different…
Seeing you all hard & horny for me is really turning me on. Yeah, don’t get me wrong; I really get off on dominating guys online, but I’m still a woman with needs, you know? Sometimes all I want is a nice hard dick and it looks like you can more than help me out…
You’ve seen me in those clips but now I want to give you the real girlfriend experience. Let me show you what sex with London Lix is really like. Complete with cute girly insecurity, the best blowjob you’ve ever had and the hottest view of my big tits as I ride you cowgirl and dirty talk you to a fantasy-meets-reality explosion that you’ll never forget…

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