HumiliationPOV - Mindless Stroking Shiny Addict, You Can’t Stop This Addiction

Added: 13-10-2019

Who’s a good boy for shiny outfits? I’m giving you the perfect view and you can’t get enough of this. Every time you think you’ve had enough you just come crawling back, always thirsty for more. Always just a little bit desperate for me. Shiny is just too deep in your mind for you to just up and move on from it. Little addicts like you, you have no chance to resist shiny. There’s nothing that you can do about it besides ache and buy more clips and spend more and stroke more.
There’s nothing you can do but worship and give in completely to your addiction to shiny. You love the way it just glistens right in your face, it’s just too easy to get you hooked, too easy to just fuck you up. Just a little shiny right in your face and you just go stupid. You’re stupid for shiny. Horny and excited to stroke for shiny. You need it. You need more shiny. Admit it as you stroke for me.
Just stroke your worries away, you don’t need to think about anything else but shiny. It’s so simple. All I have to do is just dangle a bit of shiny in front of you and it turns your brain to mush. You’re a mindless little shiny addict. Just the way I like you. Keep stroking, don’t stop. This is where you belong. Worshiping shiny brats, it’s the one thing that you’re good at, isn’t it loser? Can you name one other thing you’re good at besides stroking your stupid dick? What else are you good at when it comes to existing? Worshiping shiny and stroking your dick, that’s about it. You’re so addicted and so hopeless. It sucks that the two things you’re good at cost you so much money that you don’t care because you don’t have a choice. You need shiny so bad that you’ll do and pay anything just for a few minutes of shiny.
Stroke it faster for my shiny pink outfit that’s going to haunt your mind. You’ll never get rid of it. You need it. You can’t resist this view. You can’t exist without this view. My perfect round shiny ass in your face. That’s all that matters to you. My ass makes you even weaker, making you even more obsessed with me. When you stroke to shiny, nothing else matters. The whole world just fades away, it’s just you, your cock and me in shiny. You’ll never be able to live without this, your one true obsession. Nothing else makes you feel this good.
You would pick jerking to my shiny body over getting laid, wouldn’t you? You were hard wired to worship me in shiny and nothing else. Stroke to shiny. I know you want to cum to shiny. Beg to cum to your favorite thing in the whole world, the thing you will never be able to live without. Good boy. Now cum to my perfect shiny ass that’s right in your face that you’ll never have. Nothing feels better than cumming to your one true addiction. Nothing feels better than jerking and cumming to shiny. You’re just a mindless addict, all fucked up for shiny.

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