Goddess Madam Violet - Coercive Financial Conditioning

Added: 09-12-2019

As I talk about how financial domination gets Me off My words crawl down into your soft pink mind where they stay, and spread and grow. Dangerously seductive you will NOT resist Me. This session has far loftier aims than mere titillation, it is designed to prime you, to morph you into an obedient financial submissive. Future pacing, imbedded commands, assumptions, double binds, sexual-neural anchoring, psychological conditioning. Not that you will not notice most of it, My seductive nature blinds you to the DANGER you are in. Much quicker than you realise you will be deeply captivated by Me, so aroused by the mere sight of Me that you will agree with Me when I explain how the most disappointing this about findom is the fact that so many men simply fantasise about it, they do not actually indulge. Such a damn shame, when it makes Me so wet. With the perfect blend of manipulation, coaxing and plain old logic I have you EAGERLY sending Me a very small tribute - it is not the size that counts right now slave, it is the DOING IT, and you do and it FEELS so good, and a POWERFUL neurological connection is made. Another minuscule tribute and I let you hold your cock, and another powerful connection is created, another tribute and I let you stroke. Patterns are SO habit forming ; ) This is feeling better and better, you are a REAL man, diving into your fantasy, tasting the reality. When you pay Me your cock gets harder, when your cock is HARD it means you need to PAY Me slave. The commands slip DEEP inside, all you are focussed on are My tits, My smooth thighs, and your dripping dick... Seduced, teased, primed, conditioned, professionally brainwashed. The thoughts I implant become actions, your actions habits, your habits who you are. I will be controlling ALL of it, all of you, all from a mere $10 tribute. I am a long game kinda Gal...

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