Princess Lexie - Stupid Mindless Edging Machine Turning Your Brain to Mush

Added: 21-03-2020

Princess Lexie I want you to edge for me. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Don’t you just want to wrap your hand around your dick and do exactly what I tell you to? Yes, I know you do. Jerkoff to my hot body exactly how I tell you to. Good boy. Jerk it fast, now stop. Hands off your dick. So do you wanna know why I want you edging so much? Aren’t you curious? I’ve discovered that when I make you stop and go and edge for me, you get so fucking stupid, your brain just turns to mush. Yea, you know what I’m talking about. You become even more under my control. And I love that. I love knowing there are thousands of guys out there edging for me. Don’t you just love being one of those guys, obeying my every command? Start stroking again, follow the rhythm of my hand. Edge that cock for me and then Stop! Every time you get close Iâ€m going to make you stop. I’m such a fucking bitch, aren’t I? But I’m helping you, I’m helping your brain become more pliable. I’m helping you get deeper into your addiction for me and it feels so good to edge for me. Doesn’t it feel so good to be my jerkoff zombie, my little edging machine? You’re so stupid for me. Stroke again, edge and then Stop! Hands off your cock! LOL! I love Tormenting you like this, it just totally turns your brain to mush. We’re going to do this over and over and over again. You see, I don’t really care if you cum, so for me it’s more fun just to make you edge and make you so stupid for me. Each time you stop you get a little dumber. You’re getting so stupid, and you don’t even know if I’m going to let you cum, lol! Why don’t you just turn that brain off? Let me just take over that stupid little mind of yours. Shouldn’t Princess Lexie control your cock? Yes, say it, “Princess Lexie controls my cock.†You’re a mindless jerkoff zombie. Your brain is just totally fucked up right now. You can’t think, you don’t know what to do, except to obey everything I tell you to.You love edging for me because it turns your brain to fucking mush. I know your brain is mushy right now and you’re you’re really stupid. I’ve been making you edge and start and stop so many times in this clip. But you better follow all of my instructions right to the end.

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