HumiliationPOV - Get Fucked Up, Lose All Self Control, And Join The B-Mail Member For Life Program

Added: 17-07-2020

I know you always come back to HumiliationPOV. You’ve been contemplating this member for life program, haven’t you? But you’re too scared to take the plunge. I know you want it, but you’re afraid of how fast and hard your life could be fucked, just by signing up. Well in order to help you, I’m going to make you drink, and sometimes you do stupid things when you drink. You see right now you still have self control and that’s a shame, we can’t have fun when you have self control. So I’m going to tease you into having a few shots for me. Do you wanna play this game with me? You get to stare up at me and slowly slip further into the abyss.
Let’s play my little game, let’s drink on. Take the first shot. Good boy, that wasn’t hard. Drink for me and all the other brats inside this site. Not only do you get to do shot after shot and stroke for me, but once you join HumiliationPOV, once you click that button, you’ll have access to thousands of videos, hours upon hours of stroke material. I know that’s what you want. But in order to really take that downward spiral, you need to join the member for life program. So let’s drink another shot, you see whether you sign up or not, you’re still going to get fucked up. You’re going to get fucked.
Now before your next shot, I want you to pull up the join page, no one’s making you join, but I just want you to enter your credit card information. You don’t have to push any buttons. I’ll even tease you with my ass while you enter your information. And once you finish, you get to take another shot for me. Don’t click submit, no, I’m just toying with you, I’m just teasing you to make that orgasm even more explosive. Drink another. I know you love living on the edge. You love living dangerously for me, for us. You wanna be a member, you wanna see what’s inside. But I understand, it’s just a little bit too much for you right now. So instead of joining, I just want you to pour another shot for me. Now tell me, why are you so scared? I thought you lived for the danger. You should be excited to click that button and see those thousands of clips and all those hot brats waiting for you. Think of all the orgasms you’ll experience with each and every one of us.
But I don’t want you to click that button, I just want you to take another shot. Just let the effects of those shots start to sink in. And I want you to jerk and enjoy staring at me. Enjoy that liquid courage washing over you. Stroking and stroking for me. Good boy. Stroke for my ass. Stroking with that join page left open with all your information. Think about how dangerous you’re living right now. Think about what would happen if you did click join, if you submitted that information and knew that we got it. It’s that easy. How hot would it be knowing that we’ve got you forever. Knowing that even if you try and cancel and run, we’ve got your information and we will xpose you. Keep stroking to that thought.
Take another shot and keep stroking for me. That little hint of danger, that page opened up, go on hover that mouse right over that submit button. Look at you, you’re right there on the edge knowing that if you click submit, you’re fucked for life. Stroke. Fucked for life sounds so hot. Fucked for life is all you’ve ever wanted and here you are, so close. You’re just gonna keep stroking and trying to resist. But you wanna cum for me with that join page open living right there so dangerously on the edge. You wanna cum so badly. And I want you to cum for me, get yourself right on the edge. Well if you wanna stroke and cum for me, I’m going to count you down. And when I get to two, you’re going to click submit, and when I get to one, you’re going to cum and then you’re going to realize that you just fucked yourself. You’re going to join and you’re going to be fucked for life. This is what you wanted. Click that button and cum knowing you are fucked for life. You submitted all of that information for me and all of my brat friends, all for a huge orgasm. And don’t worry, you won’t even remember any of this tomorrow.

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