Cruel Girlfriend - You'll Never Get Our Wedding Night Back

Added: 20-07-2020

He fucked me on our wedding night cuckold. He fucked me while you were locked in chastity and made to stand facing the corner of the room. You didn't even get to see me wearing my stunning bridal lingerie. You lost your only opportunity cuckold. He took that from you and I gave him the very best of myself. That night has gone forever cuckold - you don't get it back. Our wedding night is a once-only event and another man took it from you - a real man. He made sure you knew what you were losing too cuckold. He told you how good I looked in my corset as you sobbed like a girl staring at the wall. He told you how it made my tits look so big. How the pretty satin panties made my ass look so fuckable. How the deep lace topped stocking made my legs so silky smooth. He described exactly how good I looked didn't he cuckold? You begged him not to fuck me - like literally begged him. "Please sir, not on our wedding night." It must have hurt you so much - especially when he told me to tell you how much I'd prefer to fuck him and not you. You were so pathetic, stood in the corner like an idiot while another man slid the panties down your bride's long smooth legs and gagged you with them. If describing how good I looked was hard enough to hear - the next words were sure to break you. "I'm going to be the first and last man to fuck your wife cuckold." That must have broken your poor cuckold heart. Not only was he telling you he was about to fuck me - but he was telling you that you'll never get to fuck me after tonight. That was extra cruel of him but guess what cuckold - it made me so fucking hot for him! My real man has such a way with words don't you think cuckold? Do you remember how he described every single thing he did to me? How he told you how wet I was, how tight my pussy felt around his big thick cock. He told you how he was going to make her wedding night the most special part of her day - how he was going to fuck me hard and make me cry out his name. He told you how deep his cock was inside your new wife, he told me how he was pulling my hair and grabbing my tits. He told you how he was going put his cock in my ass - how he wanted to claim all of my holes on our wedding night. You had to listen to it all cuckold. You had to listen to every detail, every squeal of pleasure I made and finally - you had to hear his moans of satisfaction as he pumped his cumload into me. Then he told you to fuck off so he could spend the rest of the night with me - it really was the perfect wedding night.

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