Janira Wolfe - Are You Looking At My Biceps?

Added: 20-08-2020

Janira is looking in the mirror, arms up, playing with her hair when you enter. She notices you looking at her, and can't figure out what you're looking at, until she follows your eyes to're watching how her biceps flex when she plays with her hair! The Goddess looks herself, and realizes this IS super hot. Entertained by how much it appears to be turning you on, Janira takes a break from fixing her hair to play with you. She teases you in the tight t-shirt for awhile, so you can see those biceps popping out when she straightens and bends her arm. Watching how the muscle bulges out gets the Goddess wondering just how much it grows, so she grabs a tape measurer to find out. After a couple minutes, Ms. Wolfe removes the t-shirt to further play with you in her sports bra, so you an see all of her arms. She oils up those sexy biceps, flexing and relaxing them in various positions while you watch getting more and more turned on. Loving how much you love it, the Goddess instructs you to take out your cock and jerk it for her while you enjoy her perfect "out of nowhere" bicep play. You follow Ms. Wolfe's instruction and cum on her countdown, allowing her to get back to fixing her hair.

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