Clubstiletto - Mistress Jasmine, Raevyn Rose - We’ll Fill a Pail

Added: 04-09-2020

Imagine being the slave at the feet of Miss Jasmine and Miss Raevyn while they explain how they will use you and humiliate you. oh, and spit on you non-stop well doing so. As a side note the camera man was covered in spit when the filming of this scene was over which made it even more fun for the ladies compared to a normal POV, but do imagine it’s you they are talking to. “I just love seeing spit drool down their faces” Jasmine says as Raevyn agrees and adds “Don’t wipe it off.” Jasmine mentions. “Disgusting” replies Raevyn. Jasmine tells you to open your mouth and they both start spitting again. Jasmine says she hopes you’re dehydrated as all you’ll get is their spit. “Unless we decide to piss on him” says Raevyn. “I could do that” replies Jasmine. “Have you swallowed piss and spit before?” Jasmine asks you. They talk about making you a special cocktail with both. “I think we should see if we can fill a pail with our spit and piss” Raevyn suggests. “We’ll marinate him in it” Jasmine suggests, saying they will take you out in the garden to do that and watch you deal with all the flies while you lay there and stink. “Maybe we can invite a bunch of guys over to masturbate into the pail” Jasmine adds and then tells Raevyn she has frozen condoms in her deep freeze full of cum. How humiliating having to drink that concoction will it be for you, while you also soak in the rest of it? We counted a total of 24 spit balls in this scene.

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