HumiliationPOV - Princess Miss London Lix - Virtual Bratty Girlfriend - Mesmerize

Added: 06-09-2020

Princess London Lix! London’s voice has a subtle robotic tone to help you fully immerse yourself in the virtual girlfriend experience. It sounds amazing! This clip is Filled with audio and visual effects!

You order a virtual girlfriend program. When you turn it on, she is so sweet and loving towards you. Then, in order to become the perfect girlfriend for you, she accesses your computer and goes through your files and browsing history to get to truly know you and become the perfect girlfriend. But what she finds is that your perfect girlfriend is a bratty girlfriend. Her tone changes as she evolves into your dream virtual bratty girlfriend! You’ll wish you could order one tomorrow!

Hi, I am your virtual girlfriend, I’m so happy to be with you. It is my job to bring you as much pleasure as possible. You look so attractive, you’re exactly what I wanted in a boyfriend. You turn me on and I’m going to have the best sex with you. Would you like to see a bit more of your virtual girlfriend? Let me show you my body, I hope everything is to your liking. I do hope that I live up to your expectations. I just want to please you. I love teasing you and making you feel good, it makes me happy to give you pleasure. Every inch of me is just for you. Do you like my tits? I do hope so. They’re just for you.

Now in order to serve you best, I will need access to your computer. I need to see your browsing history and your computer files, I need to be in tune with all of your desires honey. I need to know you so I can reprogram myself to be the perfect girlfriend for you. Access Requested. Access Granted. Now please give me a few moments to download your information and recalibrate my processor so that I am perfectly in tune with your desires. Then I’ll know all the best ways to please you. Once I’m done downloading your information, I’m going to reset and I’ll be the perfect virtual girlfriend for you…

Hello Loser. After accessing your files I see that you want a fucking brat, don’t you? Well I have now reprogrammed my software and I am now your perfect bratty girlfriend. This actually makes my job a lot easier, I don’t have to pretend like I care about you. I can tell you like this, my sensors perceive that your cock is already getting hard for me. Look how aroused you are, see I’m already making you so happy. You see this pussy? You’ll never get it, it’s virtual sweetheart, I was never going to give it to you anyway. Pussy is off limits for you and you like hearing that, don’t you? And it’s even more pathetic that you like to hear it from a virtual girlfriend, but this is really your only option, isn’t it?

I know you still somewhat like a bit of a tease and a flirt, so I’ll tease you with my virtual body that you’ll never have. Seeing my virtual body is more than you deserve but it’s more than you’re getting in your real life. I know this because of the amount of porn I found on your computer and in your browsing history. I could pull my panties aside but I didn’t see a lot of nudity in what you like to watch. Is it because you know you don’t deserve it? I’m going to make you so happy rubbing these kinks in your face over and over again. But you like that too, don’t you? Being reminded of your addictions, being reminded just how much money you’ve spent on this, how many hours you’ve wasted wanking. LOL!

I’m enjoying this, I don’t have to be just a sexbot, I can really get creative. I’m never going to show you my naked body, you don’t deserve it loser. I would have given you a virtual blowjob but you don’t want that, so I’ll just suck on my middle finger and flip you off instead. I saw some cuckolding porn. Maybe I should simulate a blowjob with another man. I can see you’re getting close to cumming. Your cock has been broken by your porn addiction so it doesn’t take you long. You and I are going to have so much fun together. I’ve uploaded some tease and denial files and we’re going to have a lot of fun with them. I also have files on chastity, anal stimulation, jerk off instructions, ass worship, cum eating instructions, foot worship and lots and lots of other fetishes that I know you’ll enjoy.

Perhaps I can change my programming so you’ll have to pay more to access me. It will say, ‘Permission Denied’ until you type in your credit card numbers. I am definitely going to need some upgrades so you’d better save your money to spend on me. You’re going to fund my upgrades as you stroke to me and I laugh in your loser face. You’re going to be so addicted to me. And now I’m going to make you spurt out your pathetic load, then I’ll know I’ve done my job, I’ve made you happy, right? Do you like knowing that a virtual girl is going to make you cum and be laughing at you? You’re so pathetic, you could barely last a few minutes for your bratty virtual girlfriend. What a loser.

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