HumiliationPOV - Princess Meggerz - Wasting Your Life In The Palm Of Your Hand - Instructions

Added: 18-10-2020

Do you even realize what you’re doing to yourself? You’re wasting your life jerking off. You could go out and at least attempt to get laid. But what are you doing right now? You’re jerking off to me while I humiliate you for being a fuck up, instead of trying to find an actual girlfriend. While you might not be getting laid right now, rather than sitting here with your hand wrapped around your cock stroking away, you could at least be on a date. You could at least be browsing dating sites. At least then you could have the potential to get laid. But you’re content with being here, fucking your hand, while I rub it in your face what your problem is, and then laughing at you.

And I’m not giving you this advice because I care about you. And I’m not giving you this advice because I want you out there dating and trying to fuck something other than your hand. No. I just love reminding you that there is that possibility yet you choose to sit here stroking off to me, laughing at you loser. It truly is pathetic. You have choices, you have options, yet you always choose this. You get more turned on by staring at me while I call you a fucking loser than actually chatting with a real woman online who might even have interest in fucking you.

You could be out on a date right now if you really tried. You could be having normal human interactions. Yet here you are once again jerking to your computer screen while I stand before you and humiliate you for being a pathetic loser who’s too scared to even attempt to talk to a woman. You’d rather jerk to me, you’d rather be a fucking loser sitting at home alone jerking to your screen than trying to have a normal life. And all the while knowing that this is fucking you up even more and making it even harder for you ever to have a normal sex life. You see the more you do this the more it fucks up your head permanently and ruins your ability to fuck like a normal man.

You’ve given up having sex for the rest of your life to jerk off at home alone. Now that’s really pathetic. And you do it because it’s so much easier to sit here behind your computer screen and jerk your dick, it’s much more fun and easy and you’re a lazy loser piece of s h i t. Do you need me to motivate you to go out there and date? Isn’t this motivation enough? Hearing me tell you the absolute fucking truth about yourself? You’re a fucking loser who’s dick will never see a pussy. You’re a fucking loser who will spend the rest of his life alone humping his hand and you’ll never have more than a woman like me being paid to laugh at you for fucking your hand.

All you do is stare at my tits and jerk through that cold hard machine in front of you, instead of actually trying to put your cock in between a nice pair of tits. Your hand must be satisfying enough for you. It must bring you more pleasure than pussy does. Admit it, you’d rather be staring at your screen because it’s just too hard to go out with a woman, because you’re too pathetic and it’s just not meant for you. Admit it out loud. Look at you, it isn’t, it’s not meant for losers like you. No woman will ever want you. The only reason a woman would even go out with you is for a free meal. Your sole purpose is to be used by women. So you just sit there and waste your life pumping your hand and being a pathetic loser.

You’re going no where in life, this is the best you’ll ever get, having a hot girl fucking humiliate you. It’s too much work to fuck a woman. You don’t know what we want, all you know is what you want. And if you can’t please a woman there’s no way she’s going to try and please you so just keep pumping idiot. It must feel so good staring at the screen pumping away all alone. I mean if it didn’t, you wouldn’t be here, would you?

– Princess Meggerz –

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