EroticFemaleDomination - Fat Lazy People Make Chloe Really Mad

Added: 28-02-2016

Look at you and your fat fucking ass! Are you serious? How can you live with yourself like that? It’s like, you literally have three of me! There’s like, me and then one on your side, another one on your side. Probably, like another one in your front too! So, you’re like four me! You’re so fucking fat! That’s so disgusting! What do you eat? How do you get that fat, seriously?! Do you probably go to… McDonalds, Burker King, Taco Bell, In and out and Arby’s? Probably all in the same trip. And you probably eat every single meal that they have there. You’re just so fucking fat! I don’t under… I wonder how do you find your cock? Because you have this huge belly… Huge belly! And I’m… Probably 99.9 percent sure that your cock is probably the size of my pinkie. I know it’s not big. I know it’s not as big and fat as the rest of you. So, I’m wondering like, do you have to move it to the side or pull it up to try to find it? I just don’t get it. And how do girls fuck you when you’re that fat? Seriously, like… I can’t even picture it my mind because if a girl is trying to ride you, I’m sure she wouldn’t even be able find your cock when she sat down because she’s already all over your fat. So, it’s just lie her grinding her pussy on your fat and no girl is ever gonna what that! I mean, come on. Lose some pounds! Maybe twenty, fifty… You could probably even lose a 150 pounds. Yeah, you’re that fat. You know what? Maybe I should sign you up for biggest loser. That might be good for you! But, then again, you’re probably too fat for that show… Too lazy for that show, too ugly for that show and I don’t think that anyone wants to look at your ugly ass. So, I take that back. I’m not gonna sign you up for the biggest loser because you are the biggest loser and I don’t mean by weight. Just because you’re pathetic, you’re fat, you’re ugly and you need to lose a lots and lots and lots of weight for anyone to even come close to you. So, I think you would probably have a heart attack if McDonald’s and Burger King started delivering their food because then you wouldn’t have to get your fat ass out of your house. They could just come to you! You’re probably getting a boner right now just thinking about it! Oh, my God, you fat fucking bastard! You’re just so pathetic! You know what? I’m done with you! Go eat another fucking whopper!

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