HumiliationPOV - Goddess Paige Orion - Mindless Obedient Paybot Programming

Added: 30-04-2016

This is a fully immersive paybot brainwashing clip. In addition to the visual stimulation your brain will receive, there are intense whisper tracks and binaural tones that will permanently embed themselves in the synapsis of your brain. Dont say you werent warned, piggy.

Find a place where you are comfortable and we can be alone so you can listen to my voice. Take a deep breath and follow my words as they lead you down into a hyp n0 t!c trance where I can brainwash you. Your eyes grow heavy, my voice wraps around you as you find yourself spiraling downwards into your subconscious. The inner recesses of your psyche will be exposed to me. Listen as I tell you the truth. Feel it sink into your mind, becoming a part of you.

You are nothing but my paybot. You exist for one purpose, to pay. You need to please your Goddess, you need to make me happy. The only time you feel pleasure is when you are paying me because that is the only thing you can do that makes me happy. You have no other emotions, no other thoughts, except the ones that I give you. No other thoughts except the ones I plant inside of your weak mind.

You exist to be my mindless, obedient paybot. All of your money belongs to me, all of your soul belongs to me. You are my paybot. You are being programmed and it feels so good. You are a good little robot who exists merely to pay. Watch as your money disappears before your eyes. Youre just a machine, with one purpose, to pay.

You need this, you want this, more and more and more. Your wallet is mine. You only know three things, worship, obey and pay. That is the mantra of any good paybot. Robots obey their humans, they obey their programming and that is what this is. Reprogramming your mind. Worship, obey, pay. Give me all of your money. Youre addicted to paying. Paybots exist to pay. Every time you see me you will be overcome with an urge to empty your wallet into my greedy little hands. You are my good paybot. You exist to pay. Feel the truth coursing through your veins. Little tiny seeds planted in your subconscious, growing, taking root. Only through fulfilling your programming can you hope to be happy. Give in pet. You will never be able to remove this programming.

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