Long Hair Luna - CUSTOM Cuck Sissy Fluffer Training - Femdom Pov

Added: 08-08-2021

I come in after a night with my bulls, for the first minute you (Connor) can hear me fumbling around trying not to wake you up... but then i decide to have a little fun and turn your lighting, telling you i know all about your little fantasies of me, that i know youve been watching me and that you want me... and since im your best friend, i give you what you want. I strip tease for you, stumbling as i take off my clothes clumsily. I take out your cock and laugh at how small it is in comparison to the bulls. I suck your cock in an attempt to make it bigger with no luck, and ride it, faking my enthusiasm until i cant take it anymore. I tell you to stop as I cannot feel you, well that is until i tell you im filled with the bulls cum. You like that dont you cuck? Who knew my best friend was a sissy shrimp dicked cuck? I decide that you dont deserve my pussy... no... what a little maggot dick like you deserves is to be a fluffer. To prep cock for me. Do you think you can do that? Dont worry, ill train you now... (RP name Connor used throughout)

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