Eva de Vil - A Weekend of Service - Femdom Pov

Added: 14-08-2021

[Custom, no name] You receive a phone call from me instructing you to immediately drop everything you're doing and climb into the trunk of the car stationed outside your house. Bring your chastity key.

I unhood you at our destination: a special house that I rented for the weekend with a dungeon in the basement. I plan on taking full advantage of my slave, making you tend to my every need and using you for my entertainment.

As you're bulging in your cage at the thought of serving me personally, I inform you that it's no coincidence I organised our getaway this weekend. The very same weekend of the first date you'd been planning in months. I've brought you here to remind you of your place as my sexless virgin slave. Mine. I called that girl and told her I'm your domme. You won't be seeing her again.

Before I start you on your chores, I let you out of the cage to stroke for a few sweet minutes. I don't want your blue balls to hinder your service. As your first act of obedience, I command you to lick your load off the floor.

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