Mandy Flores - Footkold IV Foot Slave Training - Foot Joi

Added: 23-08-2021

You are walking your footkold slave and pet all around your house, lots of high heel sounds on hardwood and tile floors. you describe how you are considering allowing your footkold to join you and your man on an exciting trip and vacation. but... the deal is how well your footkold proves it self at some household tasks. you walk the footkold into a closet and describe how your shoes, and of course.... his too, need to be meticulously cleaned. then you walk your hopeful slave to the bathroom. you show me the floor. lots of extreme closeups of your high heels and polished toenails as you direct attention to the floor that needs to be spotless and cleaned. you talk about the toilet, sinks and tub, shower and describe the importance of impressing you and ultimately him with a clean bathroom and a clean floor. you even walk over to the floor near the toilet and point your manicured fingernails at some areas where he may have missed the toilet when he was peeing and you laugh with an almost evil giggle as you share how impressed he would be and how it would increase my chances of being the alpha gods footkold servant on this vacation trip if you could tell him that those parts of the bathroom floor where actually licked clean. then you walk into your den and sit down looking down at your hopeful foot addicted, pedicure enslaved pet. you hold some car keys in your hands and describe how both your car and his need to be detailed and immaculate. you direct your footkold to examine the perfection of your pedicure, to completely give in to how powerful and amazing your feet look in your high heels. you then describe how wonderful you know it would be for me to carry the alpha gods suitcases, to bring the two of you [] on the beach...... and for me to just imagine how fulfilling it would be to wipe sand off of both of my master's feet. and how i can even give foot massages and even a pedicure to not only you, but him too. you talk about how amazing you know it would be to be allowed on the floor each night hoping that i could serve the two of you in any way possible. you ask how wonderful would it be to be a real slave, a foot slave and see how the powerful perfect people vacation. and all i have to do is clean every shoe the both of you have, clean the bathrooms and lick his pee off the floor so he will know for sure that i know my place, have both cars spotless..... and then..... and you point your manicured finger at the floor and your perfect feet.... and you describe how if, and only if i complete all tasks perfectly, you will allow me to pray and beg at your feet for the privilege of accompanying both of you as your vacation slave. as the camera shows closeups of each polished toenail you say i can practice my prayers now.... look at them. beg to be our slave. and you say that of course when i finish the tasks i will actually be praying and begging at his feet, but for now.... practice at yours.......mandy flores

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