MissMiserlou - Taking Your Virginity - First Time Pov - Masturbation instruction

Added: 28-08-2021

You met a cute girl at the club and I've brought you back to my place for the night! I'm looking at you expectantly, wondering why you're hesitating to make a move. I lean in for a kiss and I realize that you're already hard! Wow, okay, let's do this then! I encourage you to take off my top and my bra, but you're struggling, almost as if you've never done this before? I ask you if you've ever been with a girl before and you admit that you're a virgin! I'm intrigued and flattered to be the one to take your virginity. I tell you to undress and I can see that you're trying to hide your dick from me, and when you uncover yourself I can see why! You've got a cute little cock; I'm reassuring but a bit disappointed. I can handle that little dick though, and I tell you lean back so I can give you first blowjob. With lots of eye contact, I give you a slow, sensual blowjob, slowing down at times to tell you to relax and try not to cum too quickly. Then I lay back and teach you how to eat my pussy; your attempts are a bit awkward, but you follow directions well. I'm ready for you to fuck me, but I realize that I only have Magnum condoms around and those *definitely* won't fit you. Hmm, I guess I am on birth control anyway, so I let you fuck me without a condom. You get on top of me, missionary-style (POV from the waist up), and you can see my face react as you enter me. You start to thrust quickly and I seem like I'm starting to really enjoy myself and then... oh. You came already. A bit disappointed again, I ask if you could go for another round, and you fuck me some more (shown with a dildo this time). I try to encourage you to keep going as I get closer to cumming, but again you cum inside me before I reach climax. Hmm, well I'm pretty tired at this point, so I say good night and get in bed. The next morning, I wake up next to you and slowly remember the events of the night before. I was a bit tipsy and a bit horny, but honestly, I probably won't hook up with you again. You have another boner, so I give you one last handjob, knowing that you'll finish quickly, before sending you on your way. Tags: brunette, American, one night stand, virgin, virginity, pov sex, pov blowjob, pov pussy eating, shaved pussy, bare pussy, smooth pussy, small tits, small boobs, missionary, implied creampie, sph, small penis, small dildo, dildo fucking, dildo blowjob, eye contact, moaning, handjob

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