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Added: 02-09-2021

Time for your third appointment and just like last time, its an emergency, your obsession with women in nylon stockings and pantyhose seems to be getting progressively worse all the time, particularly at your workplace where you just cannot get the images of shapely, sculptured legs in stockings out of your tiny little weak mind. Never mind, you come to see your Therapist-Fantasy in order to take your mind off such things, its not like I am causing you to lose your mind and lead you into a trance-like state while reinforcing your obsession now is it?
You came to see me last month, (Mesmerizing Nylon Therapy-Fantasy 1st Appointment)
and the month before (Mesmerizing Nylon Therapy-Fantasy 2nd Appointment)
During these sessions you have been sliding in and out of consciousness, no doubt fantasizing about grovelling at my feet and begging to touch my perfectly toned, stocking clad legs, to kiss them and rub your nose all over them as I stand over you, looking down upon such a weak, pathetic creature that I have turned you into.
It's so difficult to remember isn't it? you came out of the last session mesmerized by My English accent and seemingly incoherent after spending an hour, locked in a Therapy-Fantasy room with me while I rubbed my pussy and ass all over your pathetic face as you lay there in a complete daze, you must have left wondering if it really all happened how you remembered it, or were you in a trance like dream during our last session, was your mind wandering? Was it a fantasy in your poor little confused head.
Now you are crawling back for a third appointment, close the door behind you, we will take it gently this time. Oh its happening again, you are so weak for your Therapist-Fantasy that you really cant be at all sure as to what is going on....Don't worry, just relax and let me put your tiny mind at rest, listen to my voice and follow all of my instructions, you will always leave my office more obedient and obsessed than when you walked in. As part of your conditioning I want you to kneel on the floor and play with your cock as furiously as possible while you watch and listen to Me, we are going to start the association of my voice and image to the feeling of your hard cock in your hand and your orgasm. Before you know it, you won't even be able to get hard unless you are looking at an image of me and listening to my voice, I will own you.
I want you weak and pathetic, trembling on the floor at my feet as I laugh at how truly helpless and brain drained you have become, you are well along the road of becoming my favorite little toy, a mesmerized, mindless slave to ME.
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