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Added: 09-09-2021

Let's call you what you are: a toilet addict. You spend your time trying to avoid your inevitable urge. You feel ashamed and repulsed by your desires. You try not to think about it when you jerk off, but it's ultimately the only thing that can get you off.
Toilet slavery. Submission under my ass. A dookie dependency.
You can try to run away from it. You can try to hide from your boner. But let's be honest with ourselves here. You have a complete and total hard-on for whatever comes out of my asshole.
First you feel repulsed by yourself. Then you find yourself wanking off to it. You're disgustedwith yourself once you cum. You swear it off, yet again like you've done so many times. But soon enough, you end up thinking about how much you love it – the filthiness, the dirtiness, the nastiness of it all. You end up jerking off to it. Again and again and again. 
You repeat that cycle of binging and purging of your toilet fantasies. And it is a cycle. Because each time you swear it off, it brings back the need harder and stronger than before. You crave it. You can't live without it.
And I've got exactly what you need.

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