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Added: 22-09-2021

Guess what's for dinner loser - it's your favourite! Cum! Aw don't turn your nose up - it's not 'that' icky is it? You're getting cum for dinner - nothing but cum. You'll come home from work, tired and hungry and after you've handed your pay-check over to me like a good little drone, I'll serve your meal like a good housewife. A slimey puddle of cum - straight out of it's condom. Mmm Mmm Mmmmm! Doesn't that sound delicious huh? That's all you're getting for dinner from now on loser - cumloads - every night - exactly the same... well their may be some variety in who produced the cumload but otherwise it'll be exactly the same meal every single night - cum. You'll be able to eat whatever you like for breakfast and lunch but for dinner all you'll get is a gooey puddle of cum to scoop into your mouth with a spoon. Eughw - so gross!
This is what cum eaters like you get for jerking off to cum eating instruction humiliporn. This is what you deserve for gooning over snarky femdom Princesses humiliating you and bullying you and commanding you to eat up your own cumload for them. If you think it's so hot to eat cumloads for pretty girls - we'll really put it to the test! Lets see if you enjoy eating cum every fucking night - let's see how much you enjoy the taste of cum when it's the only thing you're allowed to eat for dinner - every night - night after night. I'm gonna drizzle the contents of a used condom - maybe two or three - right into a bowl and watch you eat it all up with a little plastic spoon. I'm gonna watch you gulp down every disgusting mouthful as I enjoy a delicious steak - and you'll eat it all and suck the spoon dry because there's nothing more to eat after your cum, loser!
And the best part, loser? The best part is you're gonna jerk your load into a condom every morning, you can stroke to your CEI humili-porn every day and collect it in a condom so we can save it up for your dinner... and just because we don't have a load saved up yet, don't think you're getting out of it today. Start stroking cum-guzzler! I'm gonna give you a real taste of what you've got to come! I'm gonna humiliate you as you jerk a 'gasm out and then I'm gonna make you eat it - consider it an early dinner! Jerk your cock to your new life ritual, loser. Wank your dinner out for yourself - your balls have been cooking a delicious meal for you all day long and I want to watch you eat it for me. Am I being as mean to you as the other girls in your CEI porn collection? Am I embarrassing you? Am I making you squirm loser? Do you need me to be more cruel to you to make you spunk your dinner out? Jerk it out loser - jerk it out so I can command you to eat it up...

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