Princess Lexie - Eat it For Princess - Huge Boobs

Added: 30-09-2021

Custom Clip:
"Hi Princess Lexie, could you please make a pantyhose clip to help me with my first cum eating experience? If you could please wear a sexy bodysuit with black pantyhose and heels and use my name (Marc) a lot. Please be more sweet/sensual (less humiliation) but still dominant. Just be yourself and emphasize how much power you have over me: anytime I see you I immediately get lightheaded, feel warm/tingly, and get rock hard. The way you make me feel is unlike anyone on this planet. I never knew I could love anything as much as I love stroking to you but years of your clips have made me this way. It’s the strongest addiction I’ve ever felt and I can’t escape you. I think about you all day. You’ve completely altered my mind and sexuality and turned me into your gooning slave. And when you’re in pantyhose, it gets taken to another level. I immediately drop to my knees, obey, worship every inch of you and become your weak little bitch, submitting to your power. And now you’re going to make me do something I never thought I’d do but have wanted for so long: swallow my cum for you. Make me cum straight in my mouth (it’s more thrilling that way). Tell me not to be scared- you think it’s kind of cute/exciting that I’m finally doing it for you to PROVE I’m your good little boy, and to just think of your pantyhose when I do it. I like when you bring your legs up on the couch and run your hands over your pantyhose. Also, if you could cross your legs a lot and play with your tits. Thanks!"

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