AstroDomina - ASSHOLE FLASHING - Asian Goddess

Added: 12-10-2021

You can't always choose your neighbors. This perverted story takes neighborly love to a whole new level.
It's always fun when a new neighbor moves in. A fresh start. Chances are they don't know your history. When you arrive at your neighbor's door, you have high hopes and low expectations. But wow, when she opens the door, your heart skips a beat. This woman is a perfect 10. And then only one thought pops in your mind. You wonder what her ass looks like. She introduces herself as Sydney and being the bold pervert you are, you invite yourself in. Without any fear of rejection, you ask to see her ass and sniff her asshole. Much to your surprise, she obliges!!!! A few days later, you walk over again to see if you can get another sniff of that perfect ass. You find the door unlocked and your neighbor Sydney in the bathroom taking a dump. You can only imagine what that must smell like. After staring at her for a while, she notices you and orders you to come in. She seems agree but then allows you some more close up views of her gorgeous asshole. You're so happy Sydney picked your neighborhood!!!

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