Goddess Natalie - Mesmerized into findom addiction - Brainwash

Added: 13-10-2021

So, I heard that you just recently discovered femdom porn and gradually started to feel more and more attracted to it. Don't worry little one, this is just the beginning. Today I want you to relax and listen to the sound of my voice, as I guide you into an even deeper addiction to femdom. After all, by buying and watching all of our femdom porn clips, you serve us and make yourself useful to us, Golddesses.
You know that you'd be completely useless otherwise, and that the only way you can get a hot woman's attention is by doing as she pleases. So here's one way to please us: become a femdom porn addict. That shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, especially if you watched this video.
But maybe you think you're strong and have the power to fight back and not become an addict, who knows? I find it funny how some of you, weak little slaves, think that you have a chance of escaping my power by running away. Well, if you're so much of a man, then prove me wrong - watch this video and don't get addicted to femdom, afterwards. ;) Good luck!

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