Luna Lain - Toilet Domme Luna Lain - Brainwash

Added: 19-10-2021

With Luna Lain!I stand over you, toilet slave. Did you think I forgot about you? No food or water because I'm obedience training you to be a subservient slave and lose your entitled attitude. you have to worship me because I provide all of your needs.It's been awhile since you have been at my mercy, so let's renew our vows of servitude. I have a new boyfriend and you have to couple worship both of us by begging for your meal. It's a privilege not a right.Pulling my panties down, I'm ass spreading my butt cheeks and presenting my strappy high heels for shoe worship. Spitting on you gives hydration so you can do shoe cleaning to my standards.Sitting, I command you to start ass eating my spread ass cheeks. Be happy with ass licking because that is all you get.Later, I confront your behavior after my boyfriend orgasmed on you. A temper tantrum and disobedience isn't appropriate when he cums on you. I approve when he broke your tiny arms. I'm a mean giantess and you will not get medical treatment. As your punishment, you need to worship feet. My wiggling toes mock you as you're foot licking my dirty feet. Beg and plead for a load on your face as I'm ass smothering you. My pulsing asshole taunts you as you asshole worship. Leaving a pair of dirty ballet flats, I expect them to be clean when I come are never leaving my service.

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