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Added: 21-10-2021

OMG! Are you sniffing my worn panties in the building's laundry room?! You are such a fucking pervert! I can't even leave the room for a few seconds before a pathetic beta steals my silky pink thong. You are disgusting! Have you been planning this? I see how you look at me when you see me in my sexy little school uniform and white knee socks. Don't think I haven't noticed how you are always perving on my tight young body. You are not subtle. You are such a loser.
OMG Are you hard right now!?!? I caught you sniffing my sexy panties and humiliate you for it and you got hard?! What a pathetic loser you are. You are so obsessed with your hot young bratty neighbour. And now, I am going to make you fucking pay for it. Or did you forget about the security cameras in the room? LOL. All I must do is ask the building manager for the tape and it is all over for you. I could show it to anyone I want. I could ruin your fucking life. OMG, are you getting even harder at the thought of me ruining your life?! You are so disgusting. I cannot stop myself from laughing in your fucking face. The more I humiliate and threaten you, the harder you become.
I hold all the power now. Here I am, this young hot brat, and I hold your life in my hands. You have to do whatever I say to keep me quiet. This schoolgirl decides your fate. I own you now. LOL
Here is what we are going to do: I am going to let you keep sniffing my dirty panties. In fact, I am going to let you get naked right now and jerk off while you sniff them in front of me. You pathetic little beta bitch boy. I will tease you with my perfect body and I am even going to let you cum. But I am NOT going to let you cum for free!
You are going to be my little perverted fucking cash cow. To start off with, you are going to pay me $200 so I can buy my hot, hung boyfriend a birthday present. LOL, you are going to be my fucking beta cuck! And that is only the beginning! We are going to keep doing this until I say so. I am going to drain you physically and mentally. I am going to eviscerate you, you panty sniffing freak! You are going to pay me so much money it will make your head spin.

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