Brookelynne Briar - Summoning A Succubus - Masturbation Encouragement

Added: 23-10-2021

You are a fledging wizard, who - with great care and caution, has summoned his first succubus. Appearing inside a summoning circle, and unable to pass through it, she is impressed your skill. She does however, inform you that the ritual is not complete. You could decide to keep her trapped inside the circle, only entering inside to feed and fuck her, but that would be such a waste of her potential. She tells you that there is one other step to the ritual that will bond the two of you together, allowing her to serve you in ways you never could have imagined. You decide to move forward and complete the ritual which will involved to two of you mixing your essences. She offers you a potion, which upon consuming will allow her to feel everything you feel. After tasting from the glass, she becomes overwhelmed with your lust, feeling it pulse through her body. She instructs you to jerk your cock for her, feeling the pleasure of your strokes flow through her own body. After stroking for her, you are both ready for the final step - the ultimate mixing of your essences. You need to fuck her until she cums. There is one caveat however - if you cum inside of her, she will own your soul, just as you own her body. She climbs onto your cock and rides you hard and fast, begging for you to cum inside of her. Unable to resist, you fill her with your cum completing the ritual; forever binding yourself to this creature of insatiable lust.

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