Goddess Selena - Selena Ryan - Extreme Domination For White Paypigs 4K

Added: 25-11-2021

This 32 minute 4K EXTREME FEMDOM video is NOT for the faint of heart! In this video, Latina Goddess Selena Ryan is here to remind all white pigs of their inferiority. If you're a pathetic little dick white boy who needs to be humiliated and degraded, THIS is the video for you! Wearing nothing but thigh-high leather stiletto boots, the clip opens with Goddess Selena on her couch, bored, as she laments about her disappointment with her previous toilet slaves, which is why you're here. Your Latina Goddess deserves a devoted slave, and it's time to break you in! Using her divine powers, Goddess Selena conjures up a Big Black Cock to fuck right in your face. Cut to 8 minutes of Goddess Selena's magnificent ass riding a giant black dick as her cheeks pound you in the face. Her femdom dirty talk is hardcore! She tells you that white penis is a failure, black cock is the only thing that can please a Goddess like Selena. Your loser penis is a failure, only Black Kings can get a taste of Goddess Selena's perfect pussy. After lots of riding and humiliating BBC-worship dirty talk, Goddess Selena is ready to feed you the creampie she just got from her Black King. Cut to Goddess Selena towering over you, her oiled body glistening. You bow in her aura as she makes you swallow the load straight from her freshly-fucked cunt. You gobble up globs of cum like the weak white pig you are. Selena berates and degrades you while you slurp up every last drop of cum, you make her sick! Next, Selena gets out her black leather belt. You disgust her, a fat disgusting pig with a tiny white boy penis, it's time for your whipping. She raises her voice as she whips. You will serve Goddess Selena, you will worship Goddess Selena, and you will pay Goddess Selena like the pathetic white boy paypig you are. Her barrage of hardcore humiliation continues, as do her lashings. Goddess Selena OWNS YOU, starting today your life is hers! After your whipping, Goddess Selena makes you suck her divine Latina waste straight out of her asshole like the hungry white pig you are. She reminds you that your white dick is a joke while you gobble up her waste (this is of course not depicted and is role play fantasy!). Next, you are made to worship Goddess Selena's golden Latina pussy. Again, she has her belt in hand for more whipping. You are reminded that you will never taste her pussy, never fuck it. You can only WORSHIP her divine Latina pussy. Goddess Selena rises to her feet, towering over you in her leather boots. She takes a sip of water and spits all over you. She spits a second time, all over you. Goddess Selena almost gags just looking at you, but manages to spray you with a third blast of water from her perfect mouth. You are nothing to her. The final minutes feature Selena on her back, legs spread eagle. Goddess Selena tells you that you will send her a selfie and your full name, so she can show all of her girlfriends what a pathetic white loser you are. She also tells you that you will help her spread the word about how white penis is inferior by purchasing custom videos from her like the obedient paypig you are. If you like findom, fendom, SPH, humiliation, etc. this video is for YOU, baby dick!

mp4 | 3840*2160 | 4,47 GB | 00:32:41


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