Madam Violet - Into Temptation

Added: 15-07-2016

Its so much harder to avoid thinking about something, when you know you shouldnt. As soon as you are told you cant do something, well, that introduces Temptation. And Temptation is just so goddamn, tempting. Just like Me. Just like this sessionWhen I say DO NOT think about how it FEELS when you stroke your hard cock for Me, all you can DO is think about your hard, throbbing cock. Its just the way the mind works, another way in which you are NATURALLY weak to My hip knot ic effects, My vibrant red lipstick and nails, My hard nipples showing through the black lace.As always this clip is multi-layered with imbedded commands, metaphor, double binds. I will put you into trance, using conversational hip language. You will RESIST. In fact you will think you are resisting right up until the moment its all over. You will not be permitted to stroke your cock, for a while. Your job is to RESIST the urge to even think about your cock to begin with. so HARD, I know. Soon, not only can you not stop THINKING about it, you want to actually do it, but you will resist the urge, you will fight the urge to stroke, as long as you can, because eventually we both know you will succumb, you will fall DEEP into Temptation.When you are fully aware of your surroundings once again, you will SEE the futility of resistance made manifest in front of you. PROOF that you cannot resist the constant pull of temptation and the sweet pure PLEASURE that giving in TO ME brings to you.Your mind is MINE to FUCK.

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