Miss London Lix - Torture Chamber

Added: 24-04-2017

As a dominatrix, I'm a big fan of pain, bondage, corporal punishment. These are useful tools in keeping submissives in line, in dishing out rewards and consequences. But I've never touched you. For you I exist in virtual reality only, unable to leave your ass bruised or your wrists shackled. The truth is that I have you in your very own MENTAL torture chamber. I don't need to have you chained in my dungeon, because you're already trapped in the most intricate mental bondage I could
create, and you're in no danger of going anywhere. You feel the sting of my words every time I spit insults at you. Your ego d. 1.3s a little inside when you watch my cuckolding clips. You fall deeper into subspace every time you stroke and cum and thus open your brain to reprogramming. You are my little puppet plaything indeed, and you love the torment and pleasure that comes from my relentless tease and denial. Open the door to your torture chamber again, pet. Step inside. You love it here.

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