Young Goddess Kim - Poisoned Enslavement - Welcome to your new life

Added: 02-07-2018

Ever since I moved in next door, u have been fantasizing about Me, so naturally when a neighbour like Me needs a favour u come crawling. I open the door & u admire Me in My tight white jeans & strappy sandals as I lead you 2 My room. Little do u know, My strutting ass that has u weak already is leading you 2 your demise. As u kneel down to start fixing My table, I fix My make-up – seductively applying My bright red glossy lipstick. u look up at Me & I see the lust written on your face. u r transfixed on my red lips. you want 2 taste cannot resist..just an innocent kiss… When our lips touch, you feel your body rush, kissing Me is like nothing u have ever felt before, like electricity running through your veins…but when the sparks fade each part of your body starts slowly numbing. femdom – pov . net. your legs buckle, & all fades to black. on My bed, I come into the room, you are awake. your fear is not the only thing crippling u, as I come to u now dressed in tight latex, seamed pantyhose & stilettos, I tell you why you can’t move a muscle. Did you really think I would kiss you without a deeply dark motive? Did u really think I was an innocent girl next door? you fell straight into My trap. Here u r, paralyzed from the poison laced on My lips. The poison running through your veins allow u to feel only pain, there is only one thing u can move….your twitching hard cock! Now it is time for Me to have My way with you. Although u can’t yelp, I can still watch the pain in your eyes as I use My gorgeous legs & Torment you with My sharp heels, trample your body and pierce your nuts & nipples. Yet, your cock is still throbbing hard, just begging for more I take it…& I give it until there is only a few minutes until the poison completely paralyzes you for life. I’ll let you in on a secret. There is only one way out. I’ll let u think about your life changing decision, I will even make it even easier 4 you as I tease you mercilessly into surrender. Good, I’ll take that cock twitch as a yes. Now all u have 2 do to get My poison out your system is…. Welcome 2 your new life. It’s going to blow your mind.

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