HumiliationPOV - Princess Ellie - Ruin A Huge Load All Over A Mirror And Watch Yourself Lick It Up

Added: 20-05-2018

You are going to get a mirror for me. A nice big mirror. And I want you to set it, right where you can cum on it. You’re going to make that mirror very dirty. So prepare to ruin your orgasm, I want that cum dribbling down, right on to your reflection. Just so u can see how much of a loser you are. Are you ready to prove how pathetic you are? I hope so, because I wanna see how fucking pathetic you are.Read less
Jerk it, stroke it for me. Stroke that loser cock. Wank it for my hot body. I know it has you weak and ready to spill a big load, or rather ruin a big load. You’re going to ruin it for me and dribble it all over that mirror. A nice ruined orgasm for Ellie. I know you spend a lot of time jerking off so I hope you have a nice big load ready.

Look how hot I am loser, completely out of your league. You are so lucky I’m giving you this chance to jerk to me. I want that mirror caked in cum for me. Pump your fucking hand, pump it loser and get ready to ruin it, get ready to let it leak out of your cock like a drippy faucet. I’m going to count you down and when I get to one, I want you to let go and let it just drip all over that mirror.

Is that mirror covered loser? Did you watch yourself? Good. Now comes the fun part. I want you to look at yourself as much as you can through that cum covered mirror & rub your nose in it you fucking loser! Get it all over face, strings of drippy cum from your nose to the mirror. Look at yourself loser. But we’re not done yet.

Start licking it, savor that taste of loser spunk while you watch yourself do the most degrading thing for me. Lick it, kiss it, kiss your loser fucking face with cum all over it. You’re so pathetic. You should take a selfie and post it, I had love to see it. And I know that exposing yourself like this would just get you hard all over again. You’d love to know that I’m looking at you with that filth all over you face. Then I want you to put some cum on your finger and stick it right up your ass and fuck yourself with your cummy, nasty finger. And then suck on that cummy ass finger. You’re so gross! And now you can finally see how gross you are staring at your own reflection.

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