Madam Violet - Sex Appeal

Added: 01-06-2018

Over 30 minutes of sensual, erotic hipn0sis oozing pure, powerful SEX APPEAL. This session I will use My sexual magnetism to hipn0tise you, arouse you, to deepen and compound the effects I have on you, until I give you the BLISSFUL release you crave.

All beauty entrances and captivates…especially Mine. Focus on My sexy eyes, then My pouty red lips My cleavage is so distracting and your conscious mind is nearly OFF….Sex appeal - one either has it or not, unlike beauty or brains it cannot be faked and it cannot be learnt.

I drip sex. My sexual power is undeniable and irresistible…with a SNAP you DROP into MY control. STROKE helplessly, good boy! YOU My beautiful submissive were BORN and physiologically constructed to fall prey to My SEXUAL power and DROP DEEPLY into My trap.

I have this power for a REASON. A power that no man despite his physical strength or mental prowess can resist or defeat. It is a superpower, and it is what makes Me a GODDESS and you a WEAK mortal grovelling and mindlessly stroking at My feet. With a SNAP you cum INTENSELY….so HARD, so satisfied for 3 seconds until I draw you in yet again…a slave to My sex appeal.

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