Miss Alisandra - Naked and Oily Seduction

Added: 02-06-2018

I know a little secret about u. I heard you’re still a virgin and the only female nudity you’ve ever seen was on your screen. It would be a shame to pass up such a perfect opportunity to tease your innocent mind!
I appear only wearing a sheer lacy top which uncovers more than it covers. Yes, I’m completely naked under it, I know a virgin loser like you will find it hard to resist stroking even before I cover my perfect curves in oil. Shiny, soft, mesmerizing. You are getting lost in my perfection. My verbal teasing makes it even harder to resist, doesn’t it?

After covering my beautiful ass in oil, taunting you with the view, I slowly pour more oil on my cleavage, the drops glisten on my soft skin and disappear between my big natural tits. I don’t leave anything out, paying attention to my sideboob, before I push the top aside & reveal my h1pn0tizing breasts in all their glory. My yummy nipples glisten, oil catching the light in most pleasing way. But I am far from being done.
After taking the top off, I remain completely uncovered, making you gasp with desire. A long, slow, naked, slippery tease follows, with divine views of my oiled up ass and pussy from behind and front until you cannot fight it anymore. Told u wouldn’t be able to resist.
It’s so much fun to play with virgins!

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