Young Goddess Kim - Final Warning

Added: 25-07-2018

A black BMW flew passed the speed trap you were monitoring on the side of the road. u got in your car and signaled to pull the car over. As you walk up to the car ready to inspect and charge, you see who the driver is. It’s Her. Again. you try to remain professional and pretend you don’t remember what happened the last time you pulled Her over.
This time u intend on maintaining your authority. But how can you? When She pushes the door open with Her sexy legs & feet in annoyance at the sheer audacity. “Well, how fast was I going then?” She challenges you. “Then you can just imagine how My sexy foot was flooring the accelerator”… you glance down at Her high heeled feet on the pedals. She pushes the clutch in. “Yes, officer, of course it is manual. I like to be in full control of My men…I mean, cars.” She grabs the gear stick and starts stroking it with Her shiny gloves. She commands you to drop your pants and stroke your stiff stick too. She works you up and it doesn’t take long before you want to explode. She starts the engine and revs mercilessly as u stare at Her feet. “Before you make a mess, get in the car!” “Now, take your handcuffs out & cuff yourself to the door.”……”Good, now I’ll take over. you are under arrest! Hahaha let’s go for a little drive!”

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