Goddess Jasmine - Back For More

Added: 28-06-2018

Of course you are back for more. There is no staying away for you. I have you in my grasp and there is no other place you would rather be. My shiny clad curves make you weak and you ache to be mine for eternity. I make you tremble with excitement, with each clip you download the excitement is overpowering. Instantly hard and most certainly powerless, you need to get your fix and will do anything to get it.

My sensual clips encourage every submissive part of you, they entice you to press those self destruct buttons and coax you into being a better slave. I am your G0d, your world and living a life without me in it would be worthless. Look at my ass, slobber for my ass, round, juicy and weakening you second by second. It’s so easy to control you when I look this good. It’s so easy to wrap u around my little finger when you are hanging on to my every word. I captivate your mind, I corrupt your senses and I shamelessly take you to deeper and darker places. Places you feel alive, you feel normal and you feel hell of a dam horny. This is why you are here, this is why you will keep coming back time & time again. There’s no place better than at my feet…

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