The Mean Girls - Empress Jennifer - CUCK-SITTER

Added: 20-07-2018

Bad news for you, loser. Your wife hired ME as your “sitter” to watch you while she’s out with her new lover. You know, your wife TOLD me that she thinks it’s hilarious now that she found out how pathetic and submissive you are and she plans on taking full advantage. And so am I! I’m totally psyched to play with your fetishes and use them against you. I heard you have a fetish for classic white cotton panties? finger So I’m wearing some under my leggings just to tease you! And I even brought a pair for YOU to wear LOL. I heard you have an ass fetish, so you’d probably LOVE if I sat on your face in my undies, huh? By the way your wife also told me that you even have a FART fetish! Ew gross! How much are you going to PAY me just to fart in your mouth, loser? LOL. Oh, and your wife said you can masturbate while I supervise you- as long as you don’t come. I am actually impressed that you’ve come to terms with being such a wimp and cuckold! In fact, I think you should just pay me and my friends to humiliate you instead of bugging my wife about it. We will do it MUCH better than her anyway! So, what’s it like to know that your wife is out fucking another man while I sit here and get paid to humiliate you and treat you like sh*t…? LOL

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