The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Serving Amber Update

Added: 22-07-2018
The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Serving Amber Update

So I am still kinda new to this, but I already own a few decent slaves. But I thought I would put an update out there that includes me opening just a few of my gifts that I’ve received recently, but I also included some guidance on how YOU TOO can become a slave of mine! Because yes, I really AM looking to add more slaves to my collection! But the main thing is, you need to benefit ME! Otherwise, why the FUCK would I let you serve me if you are not contributing to MY life??? Think about it, loser…

Have you wondered how YOU can serve me, or maybe why you get like no response from girls that you beg to “serve”? Well, I will tell u why that is in this video- and how to CORRECT yourself, slave!

I even call a slave live on the phone that has been serving me religiously for a few weeks now, sending me $$$, buying me gifts and doing basically whatever the fuck I say for like a month now haha. He has literally been paying me a couple hundred dollar a week – EVERY week – for over a month now just 2 receive emails and pics from me. This was his first time hearing his Princess’s voice LIVE over the phone! He was so excited…LOL whatta pathetic freak. Want to hear what I said to him? Want to hear how he BEGS to serve me? THEN BUY THIS CLIP, DUMBASS!

By the way, this slave is a perfect example of the RIGHT way to approach me and serve me. And guess what? He actually gets TEXT MESSAGES from me now and I use him whenever I feel like it!

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