Mikaela Witt - Your New Fetish

Added: 06-08-2018

I know what an addict you are for my perky tits, you can’t get enough of them. It is all you think about night and day. You love seeing them completely bare, staring at my hard sexy nipples. I will make you a deal loser, if you lick my sweaty armpits I will let you see my tits completely bare. Ha look at the look of disgust on your face, that’s right. You need to worship them just like u would my perfect tits. I love forcing you to do things you hate! Now come here and take a big whiff of them loser, run your tongue all the way up and down. Haha look at that face!! It is disgusting isn’t it loser!! Now for the moment of truth, I am going to take my bra off for you. Actually, just kidding!! I lied to you loser but I will let u lick my cleavage now come here and lick from my tits to my armpits! Haha I love forcing you to do things just to shoot u down over and over. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be a sad little ass lover and the next day you can by my foot junkie. I don’t care what you like or don’t like. Come here and lick these pits losers while you jerk that cock loser, when u cum you are going to realize how much you actually loved this!!

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