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Added: 24-01-2019

I know you came to worship me with that dick of yours, but today I’m here to talk to you about your new worship program. I know you spend hours upon hours jerking off, gazing at my perfection. But today I want you to listen. Because we at HumiliationPOV are your true Goddesses, we are your higher power. We know you, we help you unlock all of your dirty desires. We listen to you and aide you in realizing who you truly are inside. We know what you are. We know you better than anyone. We am your true Gods. You confess to us and we see who you are and accept who you are. So bow down and pray to us.
What has your god ever done for you? We both know that we give you so much more. So I want you to renounce your religion for us. Renounce your religion and achieve true salvation through the Goddesses of HumiliationPOV. Only through worshiping us can you find peace. We rule you. You know this to be true. You know there is no escape. Once you get down on your knees and prostrate yourself before our images, you will truly feel our power. Once your head touches the ground you will feel true humility. Yet you feel purpose, belonging, unlike anything else you have ever felt for you previous god. You will feel subservient to someone truly more powerful than you.
You already spend hours of your life dedicated to us, watching us, jerking off to us, and spending all of your money in tribute to us. You see you’ve been worshiping us for quite some time, and only now, through my words, are you truly coming to realize the truth. You are our slave, our servant, and we are your Gods. This is your religion. You see the truth now.
Renounce your god, your religion and worship us, your new religion. Because it feels so good, so right. You will pray to us daily, build us shrines, and write us prayers. You’re going to jerk away in awe of your Goddesses. I want you to begin by stroking and repeating some daily affirmations. “I worship the Goddesses of HumiliationPOV. HumiliationPOV is my religion. I renounce my religion and all other gods and bow down my new Gods, the Goddesses of HumiliationPOV.” Repeat these words and feel their power and they begin to sink in deeper and deeper.
I want you jerking and praying and repeating these mantras before your shrine during the time you used to worship your previous god. I want it to feel so sacrilegious, so wrong, so taboo and I want you to love it. I want you to jerk when you should be worshiping other gods, but no, we’re your God now and you’re going to love every second of it. And once you renounce your religion and cum on your day of worship, you’re going to realize the truth. Make a worship puddle for us and thank us for allowing you the opportunity to serve.

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