Crystal Knight - Dirty Details 3

Added: 29-01-2019

The third round. You and Leo have been playing all the time. You’re ready for the next level. You’re ready for your first anal experience with the sexiest man you have ever laid eyes on. You’re going to tease, suck, and lick his body where I tell you to before laying back and taking it for the first time. I think you might end up In love by the time were done.
This is the sequel to the ultimate experience you had with Goddess as I instructed your first bisexual/gay experience. You and Leo have been playing much more without me on your own free time and today I want to be a part by instructing. I know you want this and my instructions always teach you so much on how to make him rock hard and tease his entire body. You want this and you’re going to do things my way to ensure you, Leo, AND goddess all leave happy.
SCRIPT FROM DIRTY DETAILS 1 (available in all clips stores)
Wearing a sexy cheeky panty/bra/garter/stockings outfit I sensually encourage your desire to suck cock pos style. I start by acknowledging how beautiful you think I am, with my gorgeous face and goddess body! I have the most sensual voice and you love to hear me describe the detail of how you’d go about sucking a cock, all while admiring my stunning beauty and body: You would start by kissing me then him, caressing his hard pecs and abs, slowly feeling, licking, kissing my way down his beautiful body (all while peeking at my beautiful face and body, and with me lightly teasing you by questioning what turns you on more – him or me? – and really its both!) As I am doing that, you would rub his semi-erect cock over his boxer briefs, making him harder and harder, until you work your way to the waist band, kissing his erect cock over the fabric, pulling it down to reveal his beautiful hard cock; then I’d instruct you to French kiss the tip, working your tongue around the head, slowly lick the shaft, and working it with your hands until you (eventually) make him cum in your mouth. (Custom : Name Francis mentioned throughout clip)

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