HumiliationPOV - Click And Stroke Yourself Into Bankruptcy, Idiot

Added: 25-02-2019

You’re such a sucker for me, aren’t you? You can’t stop paying me while you jerk to me, can you? It feels too fucking good. You can’t resist putting yourself in bankruptcy, just to give me everything. And I want to fucking take it all while I laugh at you the entire time. And that thought makes you so fucking hard and we both know it.
I am God and you are just another addicted piggy to me. You feel lucky that I even allow you to pay me. And you need to pay me so badly. You feel it. You can’t stop jerking to it. You are so weak for me. I know you’re going to give me more than you can afford because you can’t fucking stop. Stupid pigs like you are so easy to drain because you want it so badly. And you know I’m only going to throw you away when I’m done with you and that thought turns you on even more.
You will keep coming back and spending until it hurts. I am God and you are my sucker. I know you understand me. And you know I understand you. I’m going to take it all loser and you’re going to beg me to do so. Drain your wallet pig while you jerk that stupid piggy cock of yours. It makes you so stupid.
My words consume you and you are unable to resist paying me. I have your mind and I’m holding it captive. You’re going to pay until it hurts because that’s what you need to do in order to get off. I know how your stupid pig brain works loser. You can’t stop, can you? We both know you can’t. You will click and stroke yourself into bankruptcy because it feels too fucking good to stop. You are a just another sucker begging me to drain you. You are a sucker and I control your mind.

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