Natashas Bedroom - Mostly Harmless Blackmail Fantasy

Added: 28-03-2019

this Blackmail Fantasy clip is mostly harmless. that's my style. i don't take the power to destroy in one fell swoop, because that tactic is too easy for you to resist. instead, i take what i desire piece by piece, bit by bit, getting to know you inside and out as i slowly build up my Blackmail Fantasy arsenal. i'm rarely greedy. i'm ever so patient. i make you feel safe.

our Blackmail Fantasy session today is far from a game ender. mostly harmless is an exaggeration. it's almost entirely harmless. so innocuous that you'll see no reason to shy away from obedience. the risk is minuscule, and the rewards are enormous. just look at me in the preview gif! i look so irresistibly hot. imagine how good it will feel to submit to my commands. really, just think about it for a moment...

who are you to resist?

but the thing about mostly harmless tidbits is that they add up. each time you comply, my power grows. and grows. and grows. while you're tucked away in that snug feeling of safety, the danger hides away in the shadows.

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