HumiliationPOV - Princess Miss London Lix - Sniff And Pay Until You’re Mindless And Broke

Added: 29-03-2019

Hello my little p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. pet, we’re going to play a game called sniff, tribute, repeat. So pick up that loser cock of yours and start stroking it. Tell me you want to be my p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. pay pig. Good pet. I know you’re just aching to start sniffing for me. But first I want you to pull up my tribute page before you get too fucked up, before your mind starts to go too deep for me.
I want your cock in one hand and your credit card in the other and that bottle of p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. just waiting for you to abuse it, in front of you. You want me to dose you up, don’t you, p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. pet? Beg me. Beg me to get you high. Good boy, now sniff. Then click and pay me. Pay me as your mind starts to just drift in that blissful euphoria you get from sniffing. Paying feels so good when you’re on p.0.p.p.3.r.z.., doesn’t it? And it’s only going to feel better with each hit. That stroking of your cock is getting you so weak for me, and after another hit, all you’ll be able to think about is paying me. Sniffing and clicking just makes you feel so fucking good.
Take two long hits now. And tribute. It feels so good to click when you’re high. Your cock just twitches and throbs as you do. P.0.p.p.3.r.z.. make you want to pay and so does stroking, and when they’re combined it can get quite dangerous. I want you to ride that edge, because that’s going to make you want to sniff, and that’s going to make you want to pay, and paying is going to make you want to stroke more, which is going to make you want to sniff. What a dangerous cycle you’re caught in right now.
We’re going to do this over and over again until you can’t think, until you’re mindless and broke. Sniff and pay, my p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. pet. This will go on until your wallet is rinsed. You’re slipping into subspace and those p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. are really doing their work, aren’t they? You’re so fucked. You’re going deeper than you ever have. You’re a stroking p.0.p.p.3.r.z.. paying piggy. Sniff, tribute, repeat, it’s all you’re good for. Each click is conditioning your mind to need it even more. This is what you’ve become, a sniffing, stroking, paying robot. This clip is going to fuck you up.
– Princess London Lix –

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