HumiliationPOV - Goddess Luna Sapphire - Fall Deeper In Love With Me With Each Stroke

Added: 11-04-2019

Welcome to my divine temple of worship, slave. You are going to fall deeply in love with your Goddess. You are going to fall deeper for me than ever before. You are already so in love with me, you’re obsessed with worshiping my perfection, but you crave to take the addiction deeper. And I love to send you spiraling further into obsession and love addiction. I am the one you love, isn’t that right my devoted pet?
Goddess Luna Sapphire is your true love. Your deepest love, your only love. You become more and more in love with me with each second that passes by. Your submission to me grows deeper with each moment. I want you completely hooked on me. I want you more obsessed, more addicted, and more in love than you have ever been. I am your one, I am your only. You love me more than your wife or any other woman because I am not just a woman, I am a Goddess. I am your Queen.
You will never be able to escape your love addiction to me. You will think of me at all times, no matter where you are or what you’re doing or who you’re with, or what you’re supposed to be focusing on, you’ll be thinking of me. I will never leave your mind. And I will never leave your heart, you love me every moment of every day. You worship me. You can’t escape this addiction to me. You can never escape your true love for me. You don’t want to.
You love me even more now, even deeper than you ever could have imagined. You’re going to completely devote yourself to your Goddess, the true Queen of your world. Goddess Luna Sapphire owns you. You’re more in love with me than you’ve ever been so you’ll do more for me than you ever have. You will worship, love and submit to me for the rest of your life. You’re in a life long commitment to me. It’s better than being married or having a girlfriend, you have a Goddess, you have a purpose, a reason to live. You have a divine being to worship. I am your everything.
I’m going to dig deeper into your mind and your heart. I’m such a huge dominating force in your life. You can’t imagine a life without me. I am your God. I am your love. You live for me. Your heart beats for me. I am your one true love and you’ll do anything to prove your love to me. You are my mesmerized slave, completely in love with me.

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