Miss Honey Barefeet - Mocking Compulsive Masturbators

Added: 02-06-2019

Do you know how stupid you look when you jerk off? And you make the most ridiculous noises. LOL! God you losers act like such idiots when you masturbate, it’s hysterical. I have seen so many men jerk off on cam and none of them look normal. You’re all so focused on masturbation that you totally lose control of your body and your movements. When you get to the edge you have the most stupid and retarded face that I’ve ever seen. Only a jerkaholic would make faces like that.
I know that you’ve already got your cock in hand and you’re pumping it to me making fun of you. I don’t know why that turns you on, but it does. So we’re going to jerk off together so I can mock the stupid faces and noises that you make. It’ll be like looking into the mirror, only I’m much hotter lol! So pump your cock and look at me loser. I can’t wait to show you how utterly ridiculous you look. I know you’re going to love this.
Stroke it idiot as you watch me mock you. Look at how stupid you look. The more I tease you, the deeper you get into your jerk state and that produces the funniest faces! You look like such a moron! I love mocking compulsive masturbators, it’s so funny to me. You can’t stop jerking, can you? Even though you know I’m making fun of you. You’re so horny, you can’t stop.
Keep jerking and watching as I mock the fuck out of you. You really are a stupid looking jerkoff addict. You’re a fucking loser. But don’t stop, I know this is turning you on, seeing me mock you as I laugh in your stupid loser face. You can’t stop stroking, you’re so addicted, masturbation is your life loser. I’m sure you’re wanking so furiously by now. You look like such an idiot. LOL! I can’t believe you’re jerking to this! And when you get close to cumming you get so tense and your face gets so distorted, I wish you could see yourself!
And when you do cum your whole face tightens up and you let out the weirdest noises. I’ll bet you love going on cam and having girls watch you. You’re paying to show girls how stupid and retarded you look. How fucking stupid! But you live for this, don’t you loser?

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