Goddess Venus - I Love When You Hurt CBT

Added: 15-06-2019

Would you do anything for me? Would you do anything I tell you to? Oh you would? Well I want you to do some things for me. I want you to hurt yourself for me. I want you to feel pain for my pleasure. Will you hurt yourself for me? I want you to take your palm and hit yourself in the balls. How did that feel? Are you sore? This time I want you to do it harder. I want you to be in so much pain for me. I want you to ache. Now do it again. I’m going to make you hit yourself over and over and over and over. I want you to really feel it. I want you to wake up and remember what I made you do. Your sore balls will remind you of me. Isn’t that nice? Now I want you to smack the head of your dick. Now harder. You deserve pain. You deserve to hurt. Do you like hitting yourself for me? I love it when you inflict pain on yourself just for me…just to amuse me…just to make me laugh. I want you to go into the bathroom for me. We’re going to use the toilet to destroy that cock. ^.^ You’re going to slam the lid on your dick. Doesn’t that feel nice? You’re so pathetic. You’ll do anything I say! How do you feel now? Aching? Good.

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