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As the live in slave for Sydney, your task today is to clean the house. No problem. As she walks up the stairs, she catches you checking out her muscular legs, her ass, her calves. She’s in a great mood today and instead of punishing you for your shameless stares, she decided to reward you instead. She shows off her legs some more so you can get a great look. The she proceeds to measure her calves. You watch in admiration. Sydney’s legs are so muscular and amazing. And it gets even better when her pants and shirt come off. What a sight to behold. And what a treat to witness this in person. Not only that, but she’s even allowing you to jerk off to her legs and gives you a cum countdown to seal this off with a majestic orgasm for you.
Keep Cumming For Asian Legs
What are you looking at leg boy? Ah, of course, Sydney’s sexy Asian legs. No surprise. She knows that those legs are enough to get your going. Just look at them. You know what’s in store for you today? Sydney is planning to empty your balls today. Don’t you want to jerk your dick for her legs? Of course you do. So go on and beat it for Sydney’s hot legs. Everything she does makes you cum in the end doesn’t it? Especially those smooth curvy Asian legs. Don’t you want to cum for those hot Asian legs? Of course you do! But when you do cum, you will realize that this is not the end. And you better follow the rest of Sydney’s instructions or there will be hell to pay!
As you walk into the break room, you see your sexy co-worker Sydney just sitting there on the couch. She is wearing a short skirt and a sexy button up shirt. You have been waiting for the weather to heat up so she would show some more skin. As you check out her sexy legs, you wonder what it would be like to get your hands on those. Oh , you just got caught staring at her legs. And it doesn’t seem like she minded all that much. She’s totally onto you and it’s your lucky day. You lock the door and Sydney decices to give you a more in depth look at her body. the skirt comes off showing her amazing ass covered only by her stockings. And her shirt also comes off so you get a closer look at those amazing boobs.
After a long day at work, Sydney comes home and enjoys a nice glass of wine. She wants to check in on her friend Jamie. Sydney calls him up and invites him to come over to hang out. When he arrives, she’s excited to catch up with him. They chat about Sydney’s outfit and she notices how he keeps checking her out. She catches him and confronts him about his true feelings for her. As his best friend, Sydney knows exactly what Jamie likes. She leaves the room to go change and comes back in sexy boots and stockings. Jamie’s dream outfit. And now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, Sydney can finally allow him to worship her. Kiss her boots, worship her legs and jerk off in the process.
Are you ready to jerk off your cock again for Sydney, panty lover? She’s ready for you to perform your skills again. Wearing the bluest of blue panties, accentuating her beautiful ass, Sydney loves teasing you to the point where you can’t do anything but touch your dick. Follow along to Sydney’s instructions as you go between stroking, squeezing and taking breaks until the point where you can’t hold it back anymore. Sydney has a surprise for you under her blue panties. Once you see the totality of her ass, you can pick up the pace some more. There is no doubt you’ll blow a big load for Sydney’s ass.

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