HumiliationPOV - I Know You’re Jerking Right Now, You Can’t Stop

Added: 20-06-2019

I know all about you. I know all about your secret life as a brainless jerkaholic. I know you pretend to be normal, but you go home, night after night, alone, just so you can stroke your pathetic loser cock while you stare at beautiful girls like me. You’re just a stupid fucking brainless jerkaholic. You can’t help it. It’s an addiction.
I know you’re sitting there stroking right now. I know that you’re rock hard and humping your hand so desperately. You can’t fucking stop. It’s pathetic. This is your life, you’re always going to be a jerkaholic, living for the rush. This is all you’re good for. Every second you stare at me, you get weaker and more turned on. You’re helpless in the face of your addiction. Even if you tried, you couldn’t stop, could you? No. You just spend hours, jerking away, like a little puppet. You pathetic brainless loser. The more you stroke, the smaller your brain gets, until all you can do is obey. And I love you that way, I love turning you into a helpless addict.
This is your secret and you only release it when you’re alone with me at night, as I laugh at you. You’re just a freak boy, a mindless little stroke a holic. I know you, I know what you are deep down inside. I know you’ll always be a loser like this. I know that nothing feels as good as this does right here. You love when I get deep inside your mind as you jerk that pathetic loser dick over and over and over again. Don’t stop. Go deeper.
All you want to do is become my brainless jerkaholic. And you’re so lucky I take the time to do this to you. You’re my puppet and you’ll never be free of this addiction. This is your life. You’re a stupid mindless jerkaholic. The more you stroke the dumber you get. Every time you cum for me you become even weaker. It’s an addiction. You need this pleasure. I know you and I know that this is all you will ever be.

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