Sarah DiAvola - Love Lesson

Added: 02-07-2019

This is quite an old clip , but I ‘ve rescued it from obscurity and present it to you now. Let ‘s chat , professor. I know you want so bad for me to be all on your cock , don ‘t you? Even though you have this itty bitty problem : I really like black dick. Not just any black dick , but big , fat , juicy , hard black cock. Delicious. If you were a girl , you ‘d be all over it against your tight white ass. I love the filling of it filling my body , and I especially love when we film it so I can admire it later. But here you are , after I ‘ve degraded you so many times , you still want my attention! I ‘ve seen your dick. Not only is it white , but it ‘s tiny. So disappointing. Like , considering all of these facts , why would I bother with you? Do you think you can compete with a chunky , thick , veiny , giant cock? You don ‘t have a cock ; you have a wiener. Does it hurt to hear that? To hear about how my big black boyfriend and I like to tease and Torment and get what we want out of you? I love the power we have over you….but you wanna play , don ‘t you? You wanna act like you can be something , like I can spend time with you and be satisfied. The only time that can happen is when I ‘m getting what I want. And if you can ‘t fill my tight pussy , you should fill my purse. It ‘s just mathematical , professor : you don ‘t have the length , you don ‘t have the girth , so it ‘s necessary that you compensate. I guess you could convince me to be attracted to tiny white dick , but you ‘re gonna have to do a lot of convincing. With your wallet , stupid. It ‘s not like you can thrust harder and make that little penis reach potential. Even an average dick can do the job , but you ‘re going to have to try another way. There are only a few scenarios under which this could be successful : 1 ) you pay for all of my bills until I decide you ‘re spending enough 2 ) your entire focus is pleasing ME. That ‘s it. The end.

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